Hi! I’m Tadas. I help startups generate SEO traffic.

I'm an SEO consultant, advisor, and angel investor based in San Francisco. I help Seed, Series A, and B stage startups discover scaleable SEO opportunities and execute on making them a reality.

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"Tadas is an organizational force"

Chris Zehner, Engineering Manager @ Mercury

“He has deep expertise in SEO and does a great job collaborating with cross-functional teams”

Mariel Reed, CEO @ Pavilion

Trusted by high growth startups

I execute with your team, or help you fill the gaps

As a former software engineer that thrived working on cross-functional product teams, I can manage your own team through the initiative, or help you source the right hourly subcontractors to get the job done.

By the numbers


Since I've honed my focus to SEO, I've been hired to work with 12 different happy clients in an SEO capacity

8 weeks

Typical time it takes me to go from zero to live programmatic SEO initiative

7 years

Of professional SEO, software engineering, and product building expertise you can expect from me.

SEO Experimentation That Drives Results

I maintain a ruthless focus on business ROI. SEO isn't just about the keyword rankings.


I deep dive into your industry, your audience, and your product - and find the SEO opportunities to match.


I write the Product Requirements Documents and Design Specifications, and Technical Design Docs that it will take to execute an initiative.


I set up milestones, manage deliverables, and track success metrics through to business ROI.

Tadas worked with us on a range of marketing projects, from driving the creation of SEO-focused content to one-off CRO-optimized sales pages. The blog he's built from scratch for Beacon has become an SEO traffic machine. He's easy to work with but comes to the table with a point of view (or good questions that allow him to formulate one). I can't imagine our marketing team without Tadas and I look forward to continuing to work with him!

Anthony Schurz

Marketing Lead @ Beacon


I’ve got answers.

Can you guarantee specific results?
I do my best to estimate the potential ROI for your business before we kick off any particular initiative. But this estimate is a hypothesis. Google does not expose all its search user behavior data for everyone to peruse, and both search algorithm and search user behavior changes over time. So we cannot predict a specific result with certainty. What we can do is make directionally correct business decisions based on that hypothesis, and iterate our way to optimizing your returns from your SEO marketing channel.

When things go well, you can expect SEO traffic to hit significance 2-3 months after an initiative's go-live date. This means that your business needs should be in a place where you can afford to wait 4-6 months from day zero of engaging me to realize business ROI from your SEO efforts.
How long does your process take?
A typical "programmatic" SEO initiative should take about 8 weeks to go live. Not every scalable SEO initiative I work on with a client is strictly and simply "programmatic"; so the actual timelines may vary.
Do you just provide strategy? Can you execute?
My primary value-add to my clients is strategy: everything else is generally outsourceable at a rate lower than my own. That said, I am a  software engineer, have copywriting skills, and regularly subcontract with designers - so I'm able to work with you to gap-fill any talent gaps that your team might have.
Do you do white hat or black hat SEO?
My approach is tailored for companies that will be around a long time (think 3-10 years+). So I focus on long-term, sustainable white hat strategies. I don't try to "trick" Google into ranking you well: you and I will collaborate on building valuable, meaningful content that does an excellent job serving Google searchers with the answers they're seeking.
What is the length of an engagement with you?
Because the simplest initiatives typically take 8 weeks to go live, most engagements will last a minimum of 2-3 months. My contracts operate on a month-to-month commitment.
What is your rate / pricing?
Pricing can vary on a client-by-client basis - especially if you want me to gap-fill engineering/development/design talent gaps for you.

That said, I  expect most of my clients to be willing to allocate a minimum of $10k USD/month towards SEO - I work with companies where the end-goal (maybe after a few more rounds of funding) is to scale their SEO function into at minimum a multi-person full-time employee team.

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